Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Infections, pulled muscles and allergies... OH MY!

Howdy friends! Boy has it been a week! School started a week ago and life has been busy!! Our class this year is great! Much better this time around! The kids are just as cute as ever, but my only complaint is that the school put 19.. yes 19, 3 yrs. old in our class this year. It is so chaotic in our class that we are having trouble just staying on track with our schedule. Oh well, we will get by!
So yesterday poor Makayla's allergies went hay wire! Her nose is running constantly and she is sneezing her head off! Poor thing! I have been giving her some medicine and she is being such a trooper! When I got home yesterday, I needed to edge the lawn because it was long overdue! We had bought a new weed eater and I was anxious to use it. I go out there and realize pretty quickly that this particular one is a little shorter than our old one. As a result I had to kinda bend over a little more which was not the most comfortable position in the world. So after I get through, my back was a little sore... but I brushed it off. This morning however, I woke up in horrendous pain! I am guessing that I have pulled something...yeah.. great. On top of that, my right ear closed up again a couple of days ago. I put some drops in and it opened up for 2 days, but this morning it had closed up again. The last time this happened... which was only 3 months ago mind you, the Dr. said I had a pretty bad infection. The only good thing about it was that I don't have any pain with the infection! Thank goodness!! So, I have started taking some left over meds from the last infection and hoping my ear will open back up SOON!!
BTW, if anyone medically minded out there reads this... if I start getting more and more ear infections, will I have to get tubes? Do they even give 29 yr. olds ear tubes?!?!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

So my birthday was this past Tues. (19th) and I went to dinner with my family. We had a great time and took some great pictures! Enjoy!

Makayla and Mommy

Family Photo

Makayla being her goofy self!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Beach Fun!

Well friends, we're back from the beach! We went down to Galveston and spent 4 wonderful days at a beautiful resort! This was also The Princess's first time to the beach, and she LOVED it! We had lots of adventures, i.e.: sea turtle tour, seeing her first crab and jellyfish, spending time in an infinity pool, watching the sun set and many more things! I figure I will let the pictures speak for themselves.....

First steps in the ocean


Dead crab, but still cool to look at

Me and hubby


Beautiful sunset outside the Beach Club

Running into the ocean

Another beautiful sunset view from our balcony

Makayla with the Sea Turtles

Family Portrait in the Infinity Pool