Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm Baaacckk!!

Well hi there! (waving) How are you doing? You remember me right? RIGHT?! (Sigh) Oh good.. I have officially returned my friends! This month has been a roller coaster of events that have literally kept me busy ALL THE TIME! But school is over and we got through my brother's wedding and now I am FREE! I have the whole summer to relax and enjoy my precious little girl and family! That is a great feeling! Since I know you inquiring minds want to know just what kept me from you this last month, here goes:

My brother and his now wife (Hi Chris and Jen!!) got married on May 2 down in Galveston! It was a beautiful wedding and lots of fun too! We spent the whole weekend down there and a good time was had by all! We got to take Makayla to the Aquarium for the first time and I swear, I thought she would have a heart attack. Did I mention that she is REALLY into sea animals right now?? She got to see sharks (her favorite thing of the moment) and sting rays and just lots of other sea life.

Mother's Day was also this month so there was lots of spending time with Moms and Memaws.

2 weeks before school ended, my computer decided to rebel against me. Let me explain...every year my end of the year gift is to make every parent a DVD of all the pictures I have taken throughout the year and I set it to cute music. This year however, the program I use decided to not cooperate which caused the following:
- Went out and bought a new external DVD/CD burning device
- Had to install a new movie making software on my computer
- Successfully burned a CD, but computer refused to burn it on a DVD
- Had to go out and buy a new DVD player for the house because I broke ours in frustration
- Tried to play the successfully burned CD on new DVD player only to have it say
"Disc Error"
- Had a meltdown due to the stress
- Went to neighbor's house and the CD did play on her DVD player! REJOICE!
- Finally burned the rest of the CD's and gave them to the parents! Whohoo!!

Went to a wedding the weekend after my brother's for a coworker of mine. It was beautiful and again, a good time was had by all!

1 week before my brother got married, we had a really nasty torrential rainstorm here in Houston and lots of homes got flooded. Ours did not, but my parents whole first floor was under water. It was a mess. After we got through the wedding and they had someone come out and take a look, they decided to basically gut the house and renovate it! It is going to look completely different! So for the last week, we have been helping them move everything out into a rent house. (Which has a pool! YES!!) Yesterday they started demolition... crazy.

School ended and it was an emotional event. We had a really great group of kiddos this year and some will not be returning to the school next year, so it was very hard to say goodbye.

So that has pretty much been my month! I have missed you all dear readers! Now I want to know what your summer plans are this year!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day everyone! Especially to my momma, who has always been my friend, disciplinarian, chef, driver, my biggest fan and supporter. I love you Mom!