Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas To All!

Merry Christmas Family and Friends!
We have had a wonderful Christmas so far! Last night we went to my parents and opened most of our gifts there! That is also where we got our Wii!!!! WHOHOOO!!! So excited!! Seriously, BEST. PRESENT. EVER!!!!! I know I am a little behind on the times in getting this toy, but hey, better late than never right?! Makayla has definitely picked her favorite gift so far as well...she got a really awesome tent from my parents, which she loves! But, she also got a Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) costume from my brother and his fiancee and she has LIVED in this dress for the past 18 hours!
Anyway, just wanted to send out a little update before we head out for more Christmas celebrations! We are going over to my parents for lunch, then out to the in-laws to open our gifts with them! So, it will be a very busy day!

Have a wonderful Christmas!
Mama G

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Hello all! Well, it's officially Christmas Time here at the Graf's! We have put up the lights, the tree and some decorations. We also decided it was Christmas card time as well. This always entails a lot of fussing, tantrums, forced smiling, yelling and threatening. Doesn't that just reek of Christmas spirit?! Well, it started off ok.... a few pics turned out very well as you can see below. Another exciting event this past week was that it snowed in Houston! Yeah, I know.. I almost thought it was the end of the world! We have been experiencing this lovely pattern of hot one day/freezing cold the next! It's been great... my head really appreciated it when it decided to get a massive sinus infection that kept me out of school one day. It has unfortunately affected my class as well. At least 2-3 kids have been out sick, so I have been constantly surrounded by all these lovely germs.
Anyway, back to the it snowed for a day and this caused mass hysteria in Houston. Seriously, if any of you knew anyone in Houston and they had a Facebook account, I can almost guarantee that every single one of their updates on that day mentioned the snow. This also caused Makayla to run around our yard like a crazy person saying, "I'm dancing in the snow!" I included a video below for your amusement! And of course, I couldn't resist putting the snow pics on here! Enjoy!
**UPDATE**- The video of Makayla running around wouldn't upload for some reason, so I'll try again later, sorry!!

This is the official pic....! We got a winner!

Second runner up...looked too generic....

It's snowing! Can you see that one teenie tiny little flake to the right of her??

Here it is at night with our beautiful lit up house!

It accumulated a little on Phil's truck....

More snow!!!

Daddy and Makayla out in the snow!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Why I hate health insurance companies....

Well, for the last 2 days I have been feeling pretty gross. Yesterday I lost my voice so that made dealing with the kiddos lots of fun! Last night though, I just couldn't sleep and when I woke up this morning, I felt really awful. I called into work and decided to try and find a Dr. to go see. I had not yet picked out a Primary care Dr. so I went to Unicare's website and started researching. They gave me a list and I started calling all the doctors closest to me. Well, the first 3 I called were either completely booked or were leaving early, but I got lucky on the 4th one. They said they could work me in, so I was elated! I went and of course the Dr. told me I had a really bad sinus infection. He wrote me out a Rx for a Z pack and some Singulair. So I went to my local Kroger's at 4:30 (right after my appt.) and tried to fill my Rx. The pharmacist said they were kinda backed up and said it would take about 2 hours. I really didn't have the energy to argue or protest, so I said fine and went home to rest. After 2 hours, Phil went up there to get something else from the store and after waiting another 15 min. they told him it still wasn't ready. Seriously? They said it would be another 30 min. So we did our normal bedtime ritual with Makayla and put her down and by that time it was 8:30, so 4 hours from when I originally dropped off the Rx. I go up there and they said... you guessed it... IT STILL WASN'T READY!! I was like, um.. excuse me.. what seems to be the problem.. these are 2 well known drugs, not something weird.. this shouldn't be a problem. Well of course one of the ladies wasn't working the computer right.. so they had to call their Asst. Manager in to come help them. The Asst. Manager started yelling at the ladies who was screwing up on the computer... but hey... they should know what they are doing so I kinda didn't feel bad for her! Well, they come over to me and say they have filled the Z pack, but my insurance company has rejected the Singulair. I am telling you, I almost lost it. I asked them why and if they had called them, they said that this was normal that there is a list of meds that Unicare wouldn't fill. UGH! I asked them what I was supposed to do and they said that I would need to call my Dr. and ask him to write another Rx for something comparable to the Singulair. I then told them that this would have been nice to know earlier in the day since now I would have to wait until tomorrow to even call my Dr.!! What the hell?! Man I was so mad! But isn't this just typical...
I started my Z pack and will hopefully sleep better tonight, and will pray my Dr. will write another Rx tomorrow. I think I will then take the Rx to CVS and hope for better service...