Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tech Savvy

Hi friends! 
Today I want to talk technology! I consider myself somewhat tech savvy, meaning I know maybe a tiny bit more than the average person about computers, phones etc. Not by any means a "genius" by Apple's terms, but I usually get calls from my parents or friends about needing to know how to do this or that with their gadgets. I especially love cell phones and all their wonderfulness.. is that even a word, well even if it isn't, I am making it one! Lol! I LOVE cell phones and the sheer magnitude of all they can do! It just amazes me that just a mere 10 years ago.. pressing a button on  your phone and asking it a question and having it respond was not even something on the radar. The thing that has really blown my mind are the Apps! Millions and millions of the most random, helpful, silly, fun apps are just waiting for you with just a quick search. I've decided to compile a Top Ten list of my favorite apps! I would love your feedback and please let me know what your favorite apps are! Here we go:

1. Angry Birds ( No explanation needed right?!)

2. Hey Tell (a cool voicemail/text app where no typing is needed!)

3. My Days (a very useful for tracking your time of the month)

4. Movies by Flixter (awesome movie app)

5. Gas Buddy (Gives you a list of the cheapest stations near you)

6. Cozi Organizer (lets you link the calendar to other mobile devices!)

7. Group Me (a mass text messaging app)

8. Out of Milk (grocery list organizer that lets you email list to others)

9. HAR (a real estate app that lets you search for houses etc)

10. Spotify (awesome music app!)

So there you have it! My favorites apps (so far) that I pretty much use on a daily basis! Now it's your turn! Let me know your favorites!