Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I've become a "real" parent now!

For all you late twenty and early to mid thirty year olds, do you remember back in the day when a sign of how cool you were was just how big your CD carrier was? Although I love music, I was never much of a CD person. I just loved listening to all the different radio stations and it really wasn't until I got into college that I started to slowly expand my CD collection. This was only due to the fact that I had a boyfriend (now my husband) who was constantly burning me CD's of all the songs we liked. Even now, if you rummage through all my CD's, I probably still have less than 50. But you must be wondering what in the world this has to do with parenthood? Well, I did something today that was a first. I completely unloaded my CD carrier, carefully picked a handful of CD's I still actually like, then loaded it back up with.... wait for it.... KID'S DVD's! Now that we have a DVD player in the car, it is a great luxury and Makayla is constantly wanting me to play movies. I didn't want them to always be plugged into a tv, so I only kept maybe 3 DVD's in the car. Well, we have gone through those DVD's over and over again and Mommy really can't handle hearing, "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly, I don't know why she swallowed a fly, perhaps she'll die...", one more time! So just to have an arsenal of choices, I have loaded up my carrier with tons of DVD's. Never in a million years when I bought that carrier did I ever think I would be using it as a parenting tool... 
I did, however, buy a smaller, more compact CD case and the handful of CD's I still listen to will fit nicely in there. I just feel like I have come to a turning point, even though I have been a mother for well over 5 years now. The things I once treasured as a single adult have slowly been ignored or turned into useful parenting tools. Another example is my CD/DVD burner on my computer. I was so excited to get this with dreams of making all these crazy cool things, but now I mostly use it to burn children's CD's! Lol! I don't mind at all, but it's just funny how much your perspectives change when you become a parent. 

So I need to bid farewell to the following:

Paula Abdul- Spellbound  circa 1991
the Cranberries- No Need to Argue  circa 1994
Matthew Sweet- 100% fun  circa 1995
Counting Crows- Recovering the Satellites  circa1996
Real McCoy- Another Night  circa 1995
Spice Girls- Spice  circa 1996
Tribute to the Notorious B.I.G.- circa 1997
Soundtrack to Romeo + Juliet- circa 1996
Adam Sandler- they're all gonna laugh at you  circa 1993
matchbox 20- yourself or someone like you  circa 1996
Alanis Morissette- jagged little pill  circa 1995

(these are not all of them, but the ones I literally laughed out load when I saw them)

We had a good run and had some good times, but I'm just not that into you anymore... 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Craziness!!

Well, we just finished up our week at VBS! What a great time we all had! Makayla absolutely LOVES VBS and I hope that stays with her for a long time. Jackson is still a little young, but getting out of the house and going to a room with lots of new toys is still lots of fun to a 16 mon. old!! 

Just a couple of new developments for you all...
Makayla lost both of her top front teeth and she already had the two teeth next to her bottom teeth gone for a while now, so she has a super cute smile! Our perfect little jack-o-lantern! She also just started a Gymnastics class and is loving that as well! She came home and promptly showed off her new skills of doing a cartwheel and doing a bridge! Yeah!

Jackson is doing well and growing so big! I finally caved this past week and took him for his first big boy haircut!! He had the most beautiful curls, but his hair was just getting crazy out of control and now he looks like a little boy instead of a baby. Sniff... He also has 12 teeth!! Seriously, he looks so much older than he is with that mouth full of teeth! And boy does he have the appetite to go with them too!! He must be going through a growth spurt because he is constantly hungry! It doesn't matter if we have just fed him lunch or dinner, if he sees one of us with food, he comes right over and starts whining for some!! Lol! I foresee his teenage years of eating us out of house and home!

I also started working again! Yeah! I work at my church in the Nursery! I LOVE it! It is a flexible schedule that is wonderful and I can take the kids with me whenever I want! We also just purchased our first car, a mini-van for me! A Honda Odysessy that I just LOVE!!! It has so much room and the kids love it as well!!

Other than that, I am just busy keeping the kids entertained for the summer! I hope you all are doing well! Talk to you soon!