Thursday, February 21, 2008

God Bless You

Ok friends, this is probably gonna be short and sweet. As I have previously mentioned, I am a teacher's aide for 3 yr. olds. I absolutely love my job, but this job requires something that is very hard for me to do. Whenever the kids say something either funny or just completely idiotic, I have to keep a straight face as to not hurt their feelings. Lucky for me, they usually do the funny stuff, which I can handle so much better. Now I have heard some pretty funny/cute things in the past, but today I heard something that might just take the cake. Here's how it went:

Student A: (Achoo) He actually did sneeze

Lead Teacher: God Bless You

Student B: (different kid who was standing next to Student A) Well, he blessed all over my neck.

Seriously this was much funnier in person. The face this kid made was just priceless. Anyway, I just thought I would share that with you all. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Horton Hears A What?!

So it's been a while.. so sorry for the absense. A lot has been going on. We finally got through the Princess's 2nd Birthday! We had a party for her and her classmates and it went really well. Then we had Valentine's Day..that was fun! She had yet another party at school, and of course those are always fun. (Note the sarcasm here.) The parties themselves are great, but it's the end of the parties that is always the worse. The Princess gets all excited when I show up, (I work at the school she attends, FYI) but when it comes time for me to leave, she throws herself on the floor and starts screaming and crying. Well, the teacher in me says,ok just give her a kiss and tell her goodbye, but the Mommy in me wants to just grab her and hug her and just cuddle her until she stops crying. Needless to say, this is gut-wretching. Sometimes being a parent just really sucks. I just hate the decisions you have to make. I don't want her to be the only kid without a parent coming to the parties, but I also don't want to traumatize her every time I leave. So the guilt sinks in. Seriously, sucks.

Ok moving on. So I have a goofy sense of humor. Yeah, can you believe it? I love a good movie that leaves me with my sides hurting. I need to mention however, that I have yet to take the Princess to a movie out in public yet. She has seen movies in the comfort of our home, where if she starts acting like a hooligan we can stop the movie and tell her to grow up or she'll start having to buy her own movies. Well, I just saw the trailer for "Horton Hears A Who"... oh.... my .... gosh. I am SO excited, if only for the fact that the main voices will be Jim Carrey and Steve Carrell! So awesome! This actually looks like something I can take the Princess to without her having a meltdown. And to top it off, it comes out Mar. 14th, which is the beginning of our Spring Break! So this is just a warning for anyone who might be going to this movie in Houston during that week, if you see an overly excited woman toting along a 2 yr. old who might look less than amused, chances are, it is me! I will try to keep my excitement down to a bare minimum.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I will slap you into next week!

This is gonna be a shout out to all the parents out there... So luckily "The Princess" has not yet displayed all the traditional aspects of being a "typical 2 yr. old". I have heard stories and let me tell you, I have been dreading it for some time, but honestly she is a really easy going child. Don't get me wrong, she has her moments where she does not want to do something so she pulls the, 'well I am just gonna go limp, so let's see you how you like that' and that is always fun. But I honestly thought that maybe by the time kids turned 3, something magical happened and they would grow out of that behavior. Apparently I was wrong. So I have this one child in my class that is a spoiled brat in every sense of the word. The dad carries... yes, carries.. the child in every morning. This is the first mistake. Now I understand that kids have bad mornings just like adults and need some extra TLC, but this has been going on since Aug. and it is a daily occurance. I am pretty sure I have not seen this kid walk in on their own to this day. Anyway, other than that, the dad also gets outs the snacks and puts it up for the child. Second mistake....we try to promote kids being responsible for themselves and their belongings in our class. This helps boost their self-esteem especially when they accomplish something on their own for the first time. So back to this kid, another big problem is that dad carries all the belongings too, so when it comes time to go home, the child claims that all the stuff is too heavy to carry. (I have to pause and take a big sigh here.) The other problem is the fact that this kid gets everything from the parents. Seriously, it's sickening. This kid is also defiant, which goes hand in hand with the spoiled thing. This kid has many times told me that they are not going to eat their lunch, which I respond by saying, "Fine, then throw it away and go lay down on your mat for nap time", which gets the response, "No, no, no.. ok, I will eat it." Yeah that's right!! You had better do what I say. Sometimes when this child is in a particularly fiesty mood, I get this response, "Well, I don't want you to talk to me. I am not going to do what you say." This is honestly when I want to say, "Oh yeah.. well if I was your parent, I would slap you into next week." Man alive, the defiant thing is seriously the most annoying thing to me. I am praying for our daughter's sake that she never utters these words to me... I don't know how I will react because if I want to beat the crap outta some kid that isn't even mine... then God help my own child!!