Saturday, March 22, 2008

Yep, that says it all.....

Hi friends! I'm back! Sorry for the disappearing act, this week has been hectic. Spring Break started and you would think that it would be a nice relaxing week... yeah, no. We had that wedding last weekend, then dinner with friends the next night where The Princess decided to act like a crazy person and break a glass, then proceeded to throw up. Nice..... So back home we went! Then all week, she and I have been not feeling too great. I think it's just a minor cold, since neither of us has fever, but it's just enough to make us feel like crap. Now Easter is about to hit, which entails trying to spend time with both sets of families so they don't get their feelings hurt! I think we have it all figured it out though. So on Thurs., The Princess had an Easter party at school, and I took some pictures of her afterwards at home. She was in a pretty good mood, but I think the cold started kicking in. The picture says it all......

Man, I love this kid!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

I baked it myself!!

Well, I may have found a new passion! This past weekend, I was invited to a baby shower for a co-worker of mine. I was having trouble buying a gift because this couple has decided not to find out the sex of their baby.... yeah, they want to be surprised. Not to judge, but this makes absolutely no sense to me. Don't you want to be able to register for gender specific things? I mean, there is pretty much only one color to buy someone who does this, and that's yellow. And my God, how much yellow do you really want in your home? Oh well... I have gotten off track. So as I was struggling with what to buy, I remember hearing about something called a Diaper Cake. It is a relatively new concept and they are really cute if you've seen one. I called the hostesses to see if they were going to get the mommy-to-be one, and they said they weren't. Then I started to scour the internet to see what I could come up, and how exactly to make one. I was able to find very detailed instructions, so I set off to the store for supplies. I got some cute ribbons, silk flowers and some other cute accessories and went home to get started. Well, I worked my little heart out and finally finished. I think it turned out ok, and when I went to the shower, everyone was really impressed! I was so excited!! Anyway, I am including a few pictures of the cake, so please let me know what you think!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Kisses Anyone?

Well, these last 2 weeks have been very hectic! I had a Bachelorette party I helped throw for a friend last weekend in San Antonio, and that was fun. I got to catch up with a friend whom I haven't seen a whole lot recently, (she lives in Dallas) and that was just awesome! I love road trips, such good times! Anyway, after that trip, I came back and had to deal with my crazy kids at school. This week was ok, but I tell you what, I have been thrown into a situation that just boggles my mind. Out of 14 kids, we have 3 that are in therapy and 1/4 of the kids parents are divorced. The kids who parents are divorced are our most difficult children too. Wow, who would have thought... It really irritates me when parents think they are doing their kids a favor by splitting up... now I do understand certain situations such as physical abuse, drug abuse, etc. But it seems like nowadays when people just get tired of their significant other, the only option is to divorce and these poor kids are left to deal with that. I mean, they decided to marry this person in the first place.. why no go to a counselor? Ok, I am getting off my rant now...I might start to say things I might regret.

Cute story of the evening: So Phil and I are putting the Princess to sleep and I lay her down in her crib and cover her with a blanket. We tell her goodnight, when she lifts her head up and puckers her lips wanting to give me a kiss. So I lean down, give her a kiss and tell her goodnight again. She lays her head down for a second, then lifts it back up again and puckers her lips again and looks at my husband. So then he leans down and gives her a kiss and tells her goodnight. Well, she decided to repeat this for a good 5 min. going back and forth between my husband and I and we just thought it was the cutest thing ever!! Although we loved this sweetness, we finally had to tell her goodnight one final time and close the door. I mean, she is really the sweetest littl girl ever!