Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dr.'s Appt. Update!

So this past Thurs. I had a prenatal appointment and I brought Makayla with me. We were both excited to get to hear the baby's heartbeat! So we left school early (the Dr.'s office is literally 3 min. from my school) and got the the office and checked in. We were 15 min. early, but they called me back pretty much right away! So Makayla and I are sitting in the room and time starts to pass, and I am desperately trying to entertain a 3 yr. old with no toys at hand! We drew some pictures and practiced her letter "B" words, but after about 35 min. she started to get VERY restless! She finally sat in my lap with her head on my shoulder and I knew she was getting tired of waiting, but after a full 45 min. of waiting, the Dr. finally came in! She had on her scrubs so I figured she had an emergency delivery earlier in the day that probably caused her whole schedule to get off, but no explanation was given for the delay. Oh well. But she started talking to Makayla and asked her to be her "Assistant" and put some gloves on her and told her to tell me what to do. So Makayla had me lay on the table and put my head on the pillow! Haha! It was so cute! Then she had her stand next to the table and they got the Doppler out to hear the heartbeat. After a minute or two they couldn't find anything and I started to panic, but the Dr. told me their machine had been acting up and it was broken. She said they would have to do an ultrasound, so I would get a free pic that day! Whohoo! So they started to ultrasound and when Makayla saw that baby on the screen, her little eyes just lit up and she said, "Wow Mommy, look at it moving!!!" It just melted my heart to see her so excited about it! The Dr. seemed rushed and the picture we got was not very clear at all, so that was a bummer! But our next appointment will be Oct. 9th and we will then learn the baby's gender!! SO EXCITED!!! So everything is looking good and the baby is growing stronger and bigger every day! We have been looking up baby names and think we may have it narrowed down... that was a BIG accomplishment! Just a week ago we had absolutely no names in mind what so ever!
So that's what has been going on in our little world this week! Hope you all had a great weekend!