Monday, April 04, 2011

Yes, I would like the child with a side of surgery...

Well.. I bet you all just thought I vanished from the face of the earth now didn't ya? Sorry about that.. these last few months have been crazy.. but isn't that what I always say?! Lol! Makayla's birthday was in early Feb. and we had so much going on.. then just 3 very short weeks later, it was time for Jackson's birthday. Wait, let me rephrase, Jackson's FIRST birthday!!!! My big boy is now 1 yrs. old!! We had a wonderful party at our house with some close family and friends and it was so much fun to see Jackson get that cake all over his face! I can now say, the boy LOVES his cake! Ha! 

But I bet you are wondering.. so what's with the surgery talk? Well, back in 2006, I had to have an emergency c-section to welcome my sweet little girl into the world. A mere 4 weeks later, I had to have emergency surgery again to have my gall bladder removed. That was tons of fun let me tell ya. But I got through it and knew that when the time came to have another baby, I would most likely have another c-section. So I made my peace with that and prepared myself. What I was NOT prepared for however, was that a year later, my c-section scar (internal) would decide to rip open again and leave me with a hernia. This is also known as an incisional hernia. About a week after Jackson's birthday, I noticed a little lump underneath my skin, but honestly didn't think much of it at the time. But a week later that little lump decided to expand to the size of a softball. I was officially freaked out! I went to the Dr. who explained what it was, but informed me that surgery was needed ASAP! Eek! So 4 days later, I was on the operating table, getting yet another abdominal surgery. If you are keeping count, that makes 4 surgeries in just 5 years. 
The surgeon said afterwards that once he got inside, the hernia was a lot bigger than he thought.. he used the word "massive", which did nothing to settle my anxiety. But I did fine and spent the night in the hospital and went home the next day. That was 2 weeks ago. 
These last 2 weeks have been excruciating, not only from the pain, but also for the fact that I could not pick up Jackson AT ALL. Not from the crib, nothing! So my mom and MIL had to help me out, which I am SOOO thankful for!! But I recently went back for my post-op and the Dr. cleared me to pick up Jackson again and that was one of the best feelings ever! Very slowly the pain has let up and I am finally not in pain or feeling achy almost every minute. Every once in a while, I get a sore feeling, but it doesn't last long thank goodness! I think I am finally over the hurdle! I am thankful to have the hernia fixed, but I will be even more glad if I don't have to see the inside of another operating room again!!!