Saturday, November 08, 2008

The NOT so fun events in October...

It couldn't be all good and well could it?? Well, I waited a week to write this because honestly, it took me a week to fully recover from it all. It all began last Saturday, the day after Halloween. Makayla had a wonderful time trick or treating, so we assumed her weekend would be a good one. We were wrong. We woke up Sat. morning, ate breakfast and played for a while. It came time to eat lunch and go down for a nap. She was still in a good mood and didn't put up a fight to take a nap, which is always nice. Well, I put her down around 12:30. Phil had been out with some guy friends and came home about 1:30. Makayla was STILL up making noise, so I told him he'd better go in there and see what the deal was. The next thing I hear is, "What did you do?!?!" I run in there and once again, see one of the worse things ever. She apparently had a poopy diaper and instead of telling me, she took it off and painted her crib, sheets, blankets, bears, and walls with it. It was absolutely disgusting. She of course got disciplined and we spent the next 2-3 hours cleaning up everything. We were furious. We put her to bed early that night and thought that the discipline took care of everything. We were once again, wrong. The next day, Sun. it happened AGAIN. We had put her down for a nap, and after like an hour of making non-stop noise, Phil went in there and she had painted with her poop again. We were so shocked, we honestly didn't know what to do. Did the discipline from the day before not register?? So we once again, punished her and had a very long talk about it. Then we spent the next couple of hours cleaning.

Now fast forward to Tues. (Which is her school day.) We woke up, had a GREAT morning. No fights over clothes or what to eat, it was wonderful! She was being her old, sweet self again. I dropped her at her classroom and then went to my class. A mere 2 hours later, the director came to see me. She said that Makayla had pooped in her pants (no big deal right) but while she was in the bathroom waiting for the teacher to change her, (The teacher was finished cleaning up another child) she apparently got bored and shoved both hands down her diaper and then smeared it all over her clothes again. Then when the teacher turned around, Makayla accidentally got some on the teacher!!!! I WAS MORTIFIED!! You know that teacher is getting a BIG Christmas gift from us!! Anyway, I just wanted to cry! I couldn't believe she would do that at school!! Home is one thing, at least no one else has to be subjected to it, but at school?!?! So they cleaned her up and I went down there and had another talk with her. But there is some good news.... we have not had another poop incident since Tues.! Thank goodness!
So I am in need of some advice here people! I called my pediatrician, who assured me that this can happen at this age and it's not out of the normal, but for crying out loud, how do I STOP it from happening?? If any of you have had a similar experience, please give us a shout out in the comments! I really need to know I am not the only one going through this!!


Kiki said...

Oh my gosh--were these new incidents? I know you had mentioned it happening a while ago, but I didn't realize it was so soon! I'm so sorry, and of course have NO idea what to do. Yikes! Also, I'm so sorry I didn't call you about derby tuesday...I was flying out on Wednesday and just crazy before. Please come again with me if you want when I get back! You missed a horribly intense workout...I'm still sore. So maybe be glad. They were really hard on us this week! And actually, I think I was stressed that I forgot to call you, because I dreamed about derby and that I saw you there last night. :)