Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The beginning of the end....

Well I have officially 3 1/2 weeks left until we meet our special little guy! We are all getting so excited and it just can't get here fast enough! I had a Dr.'s appointment this past Monday and the Dr. checked him and said everything is looking good! My blood pressure is cooperating nicely, so that's a relief!! Jackson is head down and my fluid levels still look great as well! Oh, and I finally figured out just what freaks me out about labor. I feel like in my last post, I wasn't articulating exactly what I was feeling. It's not the actual labor that freaks me out, it's the start of labor. The fact that one day you are just going about your business feeling just fine, then BAM! Your body is in pain and your just taken aback by this sudden change with what your body is doing. I think the drastic change would be so freaky! To me, it's almost like a car wreck. You are driving along, minding your own business when all of a sudden someone side swipes you! You never see it coming and suddenly your world has been turned upside down. That is what truly scares me. I know that even if I do go into labor, that the hospital is less than 10 min. away and I would be fine. Oh well, it looks like I won't have to deal with that hopefully since I am SOOO close to the end anyway!
Another exciting event is that my best friend who is also pregnant and due Feb. 21, was just told today by her Dr. that she would in fact, be meeting her baby girl this Friday instead!!! Everything is fine, the baby is big at 8.75 lbs. but her fluid was getting a little borderline low, so they felt they just needed to get her out a little early. We are all SO excited for them as they are first time parents and I just can't wait to meet their sweet baby girl!! It just all seems so real now since everyone is slowly but surely having their babies and everything is coming to a close in a sense!
I have another Dr.'s appointment on Monday, seeing as I am going every week now, so I will definitely let you know how everything goes! Oh, and I almost forgot! My own sweet baby girl will be turning 4 yrs. old on Monday!!! Can you believe it?!?! We will be celebrating her birthday this weekend with her school friends and our family, so I will post some pics later in the weekend!