Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reality Show Bound??

I seriously think we should call TLC and have them start a reality show on our family. I am not trying to sound conceited, far from it, but we have so much drama that I seriously just want to start getting paid for it at least!!
So I had prepared myself that we had about 2 weeks before we head back to Tx. Children's and get what may be more bad news and was enjoying my time with my family, that was, until today.
For the last 2 days, Jackson has had these periods of fussiness which has just made me exhausted and then Monday, Makayla started getting sick. She started running a low grade fever which we were maintaining with meds, but then on Tues. afternoon, she started developing this rash on her face. By Wednesday morning, her face was swollen and the rash covered about 90% of her face! I immediately scheduled an appointment with the Dr. and she informed us that it was poison ivy!!!! UGH!! So we have her on some heavy duty steroids for the next 3 days and trying to keep her from itching! My poor girl!!
Apparently the poison ivy is growing from my neighbor's yard through our fence. Makayla plays back there all the time, so I don't know why she would break out now with it. Just another thing for us to deal with this week...