Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Old Before His Time

So Jackson is about to officially turn 2 months old, but with everything we have been through medically, it feels like 6 months has passed. Because of this, I honestly tend to forget that Jackson is really only 8 weeks old and still just a little guy. (Well, not by the looks of him! Ha!) He seemed to have had a few growth spurts in a row and before we knew it, we were feeding him 5 oz. at every feeding. To our credit, he took it just fine and never refused it, but he started getting really gassy and spitting up a lot. So we changed his formula to the Organic version of the same brand, but still no change. So we changed it again to the Hypoallergenic type. I made the executive decision that no matter what, we would keep him on this for no less than a week straight, just to get his tummy settled on one thing. So far, he has been a lot less gassy and the spitting up has gotten a little better.

The other thing Phil and I noticed is that right at 5pm every night, Jackson would want to eat every 2 hours! Seriously, it is crazy! We change him, give him gas drops, swaddle him, give him his paci, but nothing seems to settle him down unless we feed him again! At about 10ish, he seems to settle down for the night and sleeps usually until 4am. (Not bad in my opinion!)

Yesterday, I noticed he started tugging on his ears a little, so I took him in this morning to the Pediatrician just to take a look. (With everything else that has been going on, I didn't want to take any chances!) Luckily, his ears were clear and throat looked fine too! Whew! But the Dr. said that his fussiness in the evenings is probably due to being colic. She said he really shouldn't be eating every 2 hours, so tonight Phil and I try to remedy this situation. Well, that went over like a ton of bricks let me tell ya. He screamed from 6-8pm almost non-stop and guess what? The ONLY thing that seemed to soothe him.... EATING!!! The boy is hungry I'm telling ya! Well he finally settled down around 9:45 and has been sleeping soundly every since. (It is now 11:30)

I guess we just got so caught up with everything that honestly, it is hard to believe that he is still so little! But he is making big strides, he is smiling all the time now! He has even started talking! And by talking, I mean he coos and verbally responds to us! It is SO awesome! He has the most precious little smile too and it just melts my heart every time I see that big gummy grin. Just see for yourself! Seriously... how can I resist that face?!? So stinking adorable!!! He just cracks us up all the time! Love my little (big) guy!!


Kiki said...

I don't think that doctors always know about the feeding thing. When Saw was little, people kept telling me he shouldn't be nursing every few hours during the night--he should be sleeping. But you know what? He wanted to eat. so I fed him. And I'm okay with that. If that's what keeps Jackson from crying for two hours straight, FEED HIM.