Thursday, May 13, 2010

A New Top Ten

This is relatively related to my last post about my new wrap! I have come across things as a parent that are absolute MUST HAVES, so I decided a new Top Ten List was in order. So here are my Top Ten Must Haves for every parent:

1. A wrap of course! How can you argue with being able to have your baby close to you, but able to use your hands?!

2. A Fridge-To-Go. This is a great little invention where it is a cooler to take your formula with you, but it has the ice packs sewn into the cooler itself, so you don't have to worry about remembering to throw one in there. You just stick the whole thing in your freezer for a few hours and then bam! You're ready to go! And it stays cold for over 12 hours!! I love mine!!

3. Dr. Brown bottles and formula mixer. I love these bottles! They have really helped Jackson with having less gas due to the bottles eliminating the air in the formula! We recently got the formula mixer, which is a small pitcher, but it makes like 40 oz.! Of course, we don't make that much at a time, but it's nice to know that we could if we wanted to!

4. Video Monitors. Ok, these things are awesome! We didn't have one with Makayla, but did get one this time around with Jackson. It is so great! I love being able to watch him in there and see what he is doing!

5. Pacifier clip. This has saved us on more than one occasion! We have one clipped to his car seat, so I have one on hand at all times. Jackson LOVES his paci, so I need to have one available at a moments notice!

6. Diaper Genie. If you are dealing with disposable diapers, this is definitely the way to go. I love mine because you just stick the diaper in the pail which is already lined with a bag. When it gets full (and that takes a while), then you just tie the bag off in a knot and toss it in the trash. Then you tie the end in a knot and you're ready to go again!

7. Footed PJ's. We have recently discovered that if Jackson is cold, he wakes up and he cries. But if we try to just put a blanket on him, he will just kick that off. With the footed pj's, when he kicks off the blanket, he at least is still covered and won't get cold! Love these things!

8. Bottle Warmer. We had one with Makayla and are using it again with Jackson. This is especially helpful at night when the newborns don't want to wait too long on a bottle to heat in warm water. You just put water in the basin, pop the bottle in, press a button and in about 1 min. you have a nice warm bottle! It will also heat baby food too! Nice!!

9. Swaddlers. Again, we used this for about the first 2 months of Jackson's life. He loved being swaddled! Keeps them feeling warm and cuddled, love it!

10. Circo Blanket from Target. These things are amazing! It is a fleece blanket and it is the most soft blanket I have ever felt! They come in different colors and patterns and after I received one from a friend, I had to immediately go buy another one as a back-up!

So this is my list, I know some of you might disagree, but these are the things I can't live without! If any of you happen to go get any of these and it makes your life easier, then I couldn't ask for anything more!