Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Can we say, ANXIETY?

So tomorrow is a really big day for us in the Graf household. Jackson is getting his platelet levels checked and this is a big deal because his Dr. had previously mentioned that most babies grow out of the ITP by 3 months. Well guess what? He is 3 months today! So I am extremely nervous about this visit. To make matters worse (and better, I'll explain why) we are taking Makayla with us to get a bone age x-ray done on her hand. Her daddy had a condition when he was little and we need to make sure that she doesn't have it as well. You might be asking yourself, Why in the world would you schedule 2 dramatic events for one day? Well I'll tell you, because the building we have Jackson's appointments (Hematology/Cancer Dept) is in the Clinical Care Center at Texas Childrens. Take a guess where the X-ray dept is... that's right, in the Clinical Care Center! I figured since I have to be there for Jackson, might as well get her test over at the same time as well. I would have done this on 2 separate days, but with gas what it is, and considering that Tx. Children's isn't just a stones throw away, I figured this would save us at least some money somewhere. And really it will, considering that we usually valet when we go down there, since it would be a hassle with the stroller etc.

So anyway, just say a little prayer for us tomorrow! I hope I don't have a major anxiety attack before it's all over!!