Thursday, January 24, 2008

Driving to China

I may have neglected to tell you all, but I am a teacher's aide. Of 3 yr. olds. Yep, it is definitely an interesting job. I have really come to embrace the saying, "Out of the mouths of babes..." So during the year, we have themes where we sometimes ask the kids open-ended questions to see what they can come up with. For example, last year we asked the kids where they lived and one little boy answered, "McDonald's". I bet his parents are proud! So today the question was, Where is your favorite place to go in the car? Here are some of the answers I received:

  • China (Personal favorite)
  • To Christmas
  • Hotel
  • To Pump It Up (a local inflatable place for kids..)
  • Chucky Cheese
  • To the airport
So all in all, some funny stuff. I seriously could start a book on all the funny things I hear from these kids. Now I will tell you about my all time favorite quote so far this year. Here's the backstory: I have a child who has been a little difficult and almost everyday I have to talk to the parents about the behavior that this child displays. So one morning, the father is dropping off the child and is giving a stern warning about behaving and says, "Now, if you're good, we will take you to Chucky Cheese." At this point, another student was standing nearby listening to this and approaches the father and says matter of factly, "Hey mister, my dad says Chucky Cheese is a rip off." Classic. Needless to say, the father and I burst out laughing and the poor child had no idea why.