Saturday, May 10, 2008

What they don't tell you about toddlers.......

Hello friends, I am going to start this post off with a warning.

This post contains one or more of the following:
1.) Vulgar material
2.) Nudity
3.) Bodily Functions

If you have a weak stomach, you may want to leave now, however if you can tolerate it, get ready for a highly entertaining, yet disturbing story.

This past Monday I had a day off from school, so I decided to take The Princess to one of those inflatable places where the kids can run around and jump to their hearts content. This usually tires her out…so afterwards we go to eat and then I rush us home so I can put her down for a nap. So everything is going well... she is very sleepy and I put her down in her crib and she lies down right away (which is a good sign) and then I leave the room. For the next 45 min. I hear the usual noises of her just talking to herself, but she's being relatively quiet. Then I hear this, "Mommy, yucky." So I go in there and see the worse scene of my life!!!! She apparently had a poopy diaper, took it off, and proceeded to smear the walls, her crib and everything in the near vicinity with poop. There is poop everywhere!! And it was all over her!! So gross! I quickly yanked her up, stripped her down and got in her the bath as fast as possible. I had to call my husband and tell him to come home so I could sanitize her room.
Here is where I have to say, what the hell?!?! When did this become acceptable behavior for a 2 yr. old??? I mean, we have always told her that poo-poo is yucky, so what the heck prompted her to go and do this? Of course, when I tell my mom and mother in law, all they could do is laugh. (Apparently they went through this as well.)
Of all the times I have been to the pediatrician, why the heck did I not get forewarned about this? You know, a little head's up might have been nice, "Oh Mama G, by the way, since your child has now turned 2, here is something that may or may not happen. Your child might decide to strip herself naked and paint the walls with poop. You know, just to let you know." Hell, I would have been happy with that!!
So I guess you can say that we both had a.... (wait for it) shitty day!! Thank you ladies and gentleman and good night! Haha!
Well, at least I can laugh about it now.