Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just a hat rack today folks!

This is going to be a short post.. but oh the hilarity that will ensue! I don't think I told you that after school ended, I taught summer school for 3 weeks. It is a "gifted and talented" program that these kids come to and we get to make up classes for them to take. For instance, I got to teach the kids American Sign Language. (And before you ask.. yes, I do know sign language.) Ok, so back to the story, the kids get to pick out the classes they WANT to take.. that becomes important later.
So school starts and for the first time, I had boys in my class. Yeah, that was interesting. The girls seem to pick it up and most of the boys did ok, some had a little trouble. But I try to make the class really fun and we play games and work on puzzles etc. I mean, if they aren't gonna have fun, then what's the point right? So at the end of the program, the kids are required to fill out a form that asks them questions like: Did you like all your classes? Which classes did you take that you didn't particularly like? You see where it is going....
So one of the girls in my class, (who did quite well mind you) fills out the form and when asked what class she didn't like, here is her response:

"I did not like my American Sign Language class. All we did was do stuff with our hands the whole class."

........I'll give you a minute to fully digest that statement.......

So folks, just to let you know... not ALL kids who are in the "gifted and talented" programs are just that. Some are genuinely really smart and use their brains, and then there are some who just use it as a hat rack.


Natesa said...

You write very well.