Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sick and Sicker...

So Makayla and I are sick right, although she has it a little worse than me. On top of that, I might just qualify for the Worst Mommy of the Year Award. Yesterday Makayla had a Dr. 's appointment to get her last Hep. shot and we had to get some forms filled out for school. So in the morning, we went outside and she wanted to swing, I get her up in the swing when something starts buzzing around us. I thought it was just a bug, so I swat it away, big mistake. Next thing I know, it freaking stings me on the hand and then I see Makayla holding her leg and saying, "Mommy, owie." I promptly remove her from the swing and we rush inside so I can inspect her. She ended up getting stung on her leg, poor thing. I still can't tell you what the hell it was. I know it wasn't a wasp or bee... it was smaller and thinner... my husband thinks it was a mud dobber, but oh well. So I put some bendryl on it and we headed to the Dr. I had them check out her bite, but they said she wasn't having a reaction thank goodness. Then it came time for her shot... I felt so horrible making her get that after everything else. But they gave her a lollipop afterwards and she uttered the cutest thing ever.

Mommy: "Makayla, how's that lollipop? Do you feel better?"
Makayla: "'s delicious!"
Mommy: (Laughing too hard to respond)

Where did she learn that word? I have never heard her say it before, but it was pretty darn funny nonetheless. Well we get home and her poor nose is just a faucet and I can't seem to stop it, but I pumped her full of drugs and I think she is a little better today.

Me, on the other hand, not so much. I am at that point where you feel like crap, but don't have a temp. or anything. But you feel just well enough to still function. Yeah, that's a great place to be. I hate that! My body needs to make up it's freaking mind, either be sick or not.. On the other hand, I do have to give it props because I rarely get sick, so thank you dear body for not emitting nasty unmentionable things from thine self and keeping me functioning for my child's sake. We do appreciate it. Now if you could find the time to maybe discard some fat or cellulite, that would be just AWESOME! Love ya!