Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mama's Top 10 List

Howdy friends... I realized the other day I had not posted anything in a while. Sorry for the absence, I have been neck deep in Toddlerville and it has been interesting. So interesting in fact, it prompted me to come up with a Top 10 List of things I have liked and disliked during Makayla's Terrible Two's stage. And away we go....

Top 10 Things I Love

1.) She started saying "I love you" seriously... so sweet I want to cry every time I hear it
We can finally communicate with her and she can verbalize what she wants now!
3.) She loves helping us out in and around the house
4.) She eats just about anything we give her (you have no idea how great this really is)
5.) The fact that she finds most everything hilarious!
6.) Whenever she gets scared or gets a "boo boo" she calls for me, not my husband (That's right!)
7.) I can finally fix her hair all different ways!
8.) She is just an all around sweet and kind little girl
9.) Her hugs and kisses
10.) We can play games with her

Top 10 Things I Can Do Without

1.) The meltdowns
2.) When we are out in public and she tries to run around like a hooligan
3.) When she refuses to take a nap and sits in her room and screams
4.) When we ask her not to do something, and she keeps right on doing it
5.) Every once in a while, she just refuses to eat what we give her
6.) Sometimes she gets a hold of my stuff and tries to destroy it
7.) Every once in a while, she will try to hit one of our animals (big no no in our house)
8.) The 2 times she smeared poo on her walls... (yeah, that's all I am gonna say about that)
9.) When I am trying to hurry out the door and she won't cooperate
10.) Her new found love of spitting out any drink she has in her mouth (grrrr)

Ok folks, so there you have it.. now you basically know what a day in the life of Mama G entails, because usually most of this stuff happens on a daily basis! Haha!