Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Annifathaversary.....

Hi friends! Yeah... you are probably wondering what kind of gibberish that title is, well let me explain! Last Thursday was my hubby and I's 4 Year Wedding Anniversary! Whohoo! Sounds short right? Well, we have actually been together for 9, that' right count 'em, 9 whole years! We got engaged 2 years after we met, were engaged for about 3 years, and have now been married 4 years. Man, does the time fly! Then Sunday of course was Father's Day.. a mere 3 days later! So my hubby had a lot of celebrating this weekend! (Not to mention his birthday is June 1!) Yikes, what were we thinking getting married in June?! Anyway, a good weekend was had by all!
Now I get to tell you a lovely little tidbit that Makayla has enjoyed doing lately. I have previously told you that I have been working on not cussing in front of her, and have done a good job so far! Yes, I have had just a couple slip ups from time to time, but I have worked on using other, more appropriate if you will, words to replace them! But the other day, I guess I had gotten frustrated with something and reverted back to my 'ol favorite, "Damn it", and just take a guess who was standing there listening to me in all my glory? Yep, Makayla. So now she walks around the house saying, "Ow, damn it.....ow damn it", over and over again. I have read many a parenting book that says if you ignore them, they will stop. It hasn't stopped. So then I tried to sit down with know, the 2 year old, and told her that wasn't a very nice word and I would like her to stop saying it. Yeah, that didn't work out so well either. So, my mom comes to take care of Makayla today and sure enough what's the first thing she says?? "Ow, damn it." Classic Makayla folks, classic.