Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's all the toddler's fault...

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! The story I am about to tell is not going to portray me in a good light... just to warn you. I KNOW some of you have felt the same way and that is the only thing that is helping me through this. Here's what happened:
Today was Grandparent's and Special Friends Day at school. Makayla did not take a nap yesterday so I was somewhat worried about that...So I woke her up this morning and she was in an ok mood. I started to change her and put this very cute little outfit on her! I had washed it last night, so I was excited about her wearing it. She liked it too, but when I put her brown sandals on her, the fight began. She did NOT want to wear those sandals. I told her in a nice way that she didn't have a choice. Well that did not sit well with her so she started pouting and fussing. She threw herself on the floor on her tummy and wouldn't get up. I told her that I was going to the kitchen to eat and that if she didn't want to be hungry, she has better follow me. Well she didn't like that either, but knew I wasn't kidding. So she started crawling on her tummy into the kitchen. I let her do that because honestly, I didn't want to fight with her more than I had to, I was already running late. So she was still on her tummy and I told her it was time to get up and eat some breakfast. She stood up and the whole front of her dress and leggings were wet. I asked her if she spilt something on her and she said, "No, I went pee-pee." My heart stopped. I went over and took a quick smell and sure enough, pee-pee. I guess in the time she spent on her tummy, she peed a lot and it just came out the front of the diaper. I was livid. I told her that she completely ruined her outfit and that I was very disappointed that she layed down and got her dress all dirty. I took her back to her room and got her into something else. (Which wasn't nearly as cute... damnit) So after I got her re-dressed, we walked back into the kitchen to eat our breakfast. She refused to eat. My blood pressure started rising. I told her I was not kidding, that if she didn't eat this, I was not making anything else for her and she would be hungry. She took 2 little bites and said she was finished. I said fine, and threw it in the fridge and ushered her out the door. She seemed a little confused as to why I didn't give her something else to eat, but I was so mad at this point, I didn't care. We got to school and luckily she didn't pitch another fit, or else I think I would have lost my mind.
Why?? Why do kids have this sixth sense that when you are running late that they need to be as slow and uncooperative as possible??? This drives me insane!!! Here's the truth though, if you are a "late" person before you have kids, well then you're screwed because kids just make you even later to things. It seems my whole life, I am always running late. I hate this, but can't seem to fix it. I always think ahead about how much time I will need, but something always seems to come up and sure enough.. I am 15-20 min. late.... again. When I became pregnant with Makayla, this freak occurance happened the whole time where I was on time, if not early to everywhere I went. My friends didn't know what to think!! But wouldn't you know that the minute I had that child, I slipped back into my old habits.
Anyway, I hope you all know that I do love my child more than life itself and I would do ANYTHING for her. But there are days like today where I just want to strangle that child!! (Not literally here people, so please save your energy in calling CPS). She just knows exactly how to push my buttons. My one pet peeve with kids are when they are defiant. UGH! This just aggravates the hell out of me!! I am the adult and when I say to do something, then you had damn well better do it!!! It's like she doesn't take me seriously or something! I hate having to discipline, but what else am I supposed to do, let her get away with it? Um no, cause then we'll have one of those lovely spoiled brat kids running around. So, I guess I will just try and endure this time of toddlerville and hopefully with lots of prayer, we'll all survive it together!!


Chris said...

Hello! I came across your blog by accident while googling toddler activites, ha ha - Thanks for the chuckle! But had to say that your daughter is beautiful!

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Kiki said...

Oh, man. I am not looking forward to these days! And I think it's great to discipline, though I know it's got to be hard. Though I haven't been there yet, I think that being firm and consistent is good for them, and for you!! Hang in there!