Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A trip to the Principal's office.....

So, Makayla has not had a good school week so far. First off, we are all still sick. Not enough to stay home, but just enough to feel like utter crap and be in a bad mood. When Makayla doesn't feel good, she ALWAYS acts out a little. So on Monday, we didn't have school so Phil and I took Makayla to Dewberry Farm. It is a cute little farm that has an awesome corn maze, a fort, swings, pumpkin patch, hay rides... the list could go on and on! The place doesn't open until 10, so we made sure to leave early because we wanted to be there right when it opened. We ended up getting there at about 10:20 and I think the whole freaking city of Houston decided to go too! We had to stand in line for 45 min. just to buy tickets and get in!!!!! But once we got in there, everything was great! Makayla had a blast! We ended up leaving around 2 because we needed to get Makayla home for a nap. We stopped briefly at my in-laws house and then got home around 3:30. We promptly put Makayla down for a nap and the child proceeded to sleep for 3 1/3 hours!!! So she woke up when she is normally going to bed! So we kept her up for a couple of hours and luckily we had no problem putting her back to bed.
This leads into the next day (Tues.) when she goes to school. I had to wake her up because of course she didn't quite get enough sleep, but she is in a good mood. So I take her to school and she seems fine. A little while later though, the Director of the Daycare center brings her down to me. This has never happened before. The Director, who is basically the equivalent of the Principal for that area, says that Makayla refused to do anything her teacher asked her to, and didn't listen and then went and hid under a table. So she leaves Makayla with me and she and I had a nice little talk. Anyway, the teacher said after that, they didn't have any more problems! But man alive, 2 1/2 and already going to the principal! Should I be worried for the future??


Kiki said...

No, don't worry--I bet it was the sleep! And I think everyone in Houston did go to Dewberry. My sister in law took her three kids and said she spent a fortune on everything there! Rob and I went last friday, and it was like elementary school day, so it was closed, but since we drove all the way out, we got to get in for cheaper than normal, which was nice. It was fun, but we just kind of wandered with Sawyer--I think you saw our pics. :) Hope you guys are feeling better!