Friday, January 09, 2009


So, some interesting things have been happening around here. We've made some New Year's Resolutions and I am happy to report that we have made good on at least one of them! One of Phil and I's big resolutions was to clean up our house and garage, and I don't mean just a regular ol' cleaning job. I am talking about a complete overhaul of the house. I think I have mentioned before that we do not have a functioning attic for storage. There is no room since all the ac insulation takes up all the space up there, so we have no place to put our boxes except our closets. This is a MAJOR problem. This is compounded by the fact that since we do have our own home, both of our parents decided to give us all our childhood stuff to keep. Ugh.

Well, we rearranged our guest room and den and completely clean out our garage! Whohoo!! We are not done with all the rooms, but we have made a really good start! I am really proud of the work we've done so far!

Makayla had some resolutions too and apparently one of them was to eat more toothpaste in the year 2009. You heard me, eat toothpaste. We have caught her several times in the bathroom squeezing the life out of her Little Bear toothpaste and just going to town. Last night when we dropped her off at my in-laws she promptly went into their bedroom while we were talking with them. After a minute, I asked where she was. We went looking and found her hiding in their closet behind their mini trampoline with my MIL's toothpaste in her mouth eating it. It was all over her face too! What is this about?! What in the world possesses her to eat this stuff?? I mean, I guess I can't complain too much.. at least it is keeping her breath fresh! I have a friend who's sister used to eat dirt!! Seriously!! She would just take a handful and just shove it in her mouth!! At least Makayla doesn't do that!!

So that's the lastest at our house! Fun times! So tell me kind readers, what were some of your resolutions for the New Year??


Anonymous said...

HAHA! I must say your lil gal is so funny! I love reading about everything she gets into! I am sure I will have plenty to come of Makenna!! She is just to precious! I am so proud of your garage clean out and if I was their I would be itching to help you!! :-)
My New Years Resolution...ummm...lose weight..get pregnant and gain that weight all ALOT more photography stuff this year...enjoy my new life in Florida!
Thats about it! HAHA