Monday, January 04, 2010

8 Months and counting.....

I figured I had better write some more posts since my pregnancy is slowly but surely coming to an end and then you might not hear from me for a while! I am 8 months pregnant and it just seems so surreal. I don't know how to explain it and I know you will think I have lost my mind when I say this, but these last 8 months have gone by both fast and slow. In one sense I can't believe it's been 8 months, but then in another I can't believe I have 2 more months to go. Just write that off as crazy pregnant lady syndrome!
Several weeks ago, I had my gestational diabetes test, but ended up failing it! Booo! They said my levels were pretty high, so I had to go on a special diet for 3 days and then go back for a 3 hour test, which I did today. This really didn't surprise me too much, as this happened with Makayla as well. But I did pass the 3 hour test with her, so I am crossing my fingers I will have the same luck this time around! I will get the results back in just a couple of days, so here's hoping. I also go back in a week for another ultrasound and we will get to weigh Jackson and see just how big he's gotten! I am very interested in this because my last few weigh ins at the Dr. have been very puzzling. In October I had gained 2 lbs and in November I had gained 2 more. But in December, I had lost 5 lbs.! Dr. was not worried and said this was normal since I do have a little extra weight, it's nothing to be concerned about! Hey, I'm not complaining as long as it's not harming the baby!!
Other than that, school starts back tomorrow and I am somewhat excited. Don't get me wrong, I have very much enjoyed the time off, but I do tend to get cabin fever and I'll be happy to get back into a schedule again. I think Makayla will enjoy being back with her friends too since Mommy is not too much fun nowadays. I am getting bigger and bigger and it gets harder to move around and I definitely can't run around with her, so the poor thing has had to rely on Daddy when he comes home from work. But she is excited about going back to school, so that's good.
Jackson is moving around a lot too. It excites me just as much as it did when I was pregnant with Makayla. It is so fun to just watch my belly move around and just tonight he got hiccups! I know his movements will start to slow down the bigger I get, so I am trying to cherish these moments as much as I can.
Well, I think that's all for now. I will post more after my appointment next week and share all the exciting details! Hopefully we will get a good ultrasound pic and I can post that too! Have a great week!


Kiki said...

You are not weird for the fast and slow comment--that's totally how pregnancy feels to me! It seems like forever ago that I got pregnant, and yet now the time is flying by even though there is so much time left. It's very odd. It will be fun to have babies so close in age!!