Monday, December 28, 2009

A first for us all....

Well this week certainly has been interesting! A week ago, Makayla developed a slight cough, but was still in good spirits and had no fever. We made it through Christmas and she did great other than being tired from 2 days of no nap! We started to recuperate on Saturday, but then Makayla started taking a turn for the worse. She developed a high fever (102.8!) and was very lethargic. We made it through Saturday night, but on Sunday morning, she started throwing up. So we stopped giving her food and just let her drink water, but soon she couldn't even keep down the water. I called the Dr. and followed several suggestions he gave me, but Makayla soon started throwing up bile. I called the Dr. back and he at first wanted us to go straight to the Tx. Children's ER. Then he said he wanted us to try one more thing and he prescribed her some Zophran. Sure enough, the meds worked and she has not thrown up since! Thank goodness!! It's Monday and she is now tolerating liquids and crackers. I even gave her a banana and she is doing well! But it was definitely dicey there for about 12 hours!
Makayla is hardly ever sick and it's usually the runny nose, congestion stuff. She has never been this sick before and it was really really scary. I just felt SO helpless and all I could do was hold her and try to comfort her but I just wanted to make it all go away. It was especially emotional since I am pregnant so my hormones are on overload. When the Dr. first told us to go the ER I just burst into tears and luckily he understood because he knows too that Makayla is hardly ever sick. I got it together and he was so sweet and told me not to worry that she would be ok. But I think we've made it through the worst part and now we are just on recovery mode. I am especially glad that this at least happened on our break! We don't have to be back at school until next Tuesday so we've got a little more than a week for her to completely get better! Here's hoping 2010 is a good year of little illnesses!!


Kiki said...

Not fun! I hope that she's doing better and am glad to hear that it sounds like you're coming out of the other side of this thing!