Wednesday, May 21, 2008

4 days left...

Ok people, we have exactly 4 days left of school. I might just lose it before it's all over though. Here's the breakdown:
Today, a beloved former co-worker passed away. She had been battling cancer for many many years, but had twice gone into remission. She had decided during one of these times to come join our team and teach this past year, but in January, the cancer returned. It had apparently spread all over her body and the prognosis was bleak. She went on some experimental treatment and things were starting to look up, but this past weekend, she started having some small strokes. They hospitalized her and found that the cancer had spread to her brain. They pretty much gave her less than a week to live. She went into a coma and they took out the respirator yesterday and today, she went to be with the Lord. The truly tragic thing is that she has 3 young daughters, all under the age of 13. Although we knew it was coming, it was just devastating news.

Tomorrow we have a Retirement Party for a secretary at our school who has been there since I was a child and went to school there. (Yes people, it was a long time ago.) She is happy to be retiring, but it is just bittersweet. She is loved by all and we will miss her truly.

Friday, our principal decided to cut the day short and school will dismiss at 11:30, since the funeral for our friend will be that afternoon. That will be a tough day.

Monday is Memorial day, so at least I have the day off for that. My husband has the day off as well, so we will probably have a nice family day! Yeah for that at least!!

Tuesday is technically our last real day of school. Wednesday is FIELD DAY, which is basically like having a carnival for the whole day. Thursday is early dismissal, so it's a blow off day! Then we will be done!! Hallelujah!!

Wish me luck, this is going to be a very emotional week! I hope everyone else is having a great week and looking forward to the kiddos getting out of school!!