Thursday, May 29, 2008

Drinking Problems, Eating Disorders and a Mild Case of IBS....

So this will be an interesting little post. As you can tell by the title, there have been some odd things going on at our household. Things started last Saturday night, my husband decided to take the Princess and I out to dinner. We went to one of our favorite restaurants, Chili's. Well, I ordered a soup and salad and for some damn reason, I could not keep the soup off my shirt! So I walked out of there looking like a freaking 1 yr. old! The second problem is that the Princess has taken to spitting out her water. She will drink it, swish it around in her mouth, then proceed to spit it out somewhere, although most of the time it usually ends up back on her. The third and probably worst of the problems is what we like to call, Irritable Baby Syndrome. (Yeah, I know what you were thinking... and we'll get to that in a minute.) So Kay Kay has decided that "No" is her favorite word recently. Now she uses this as an answer to even the questions that are true. "Kay Kay, are you hungry?" "NO!" "Kay Kay, do you have a wet diaper?" "NO!!!" "Kay Kay, would you like tons and tons of candy?" "NO!" So you see what we are dealing with here. Well today was our last day of school! Woo hoo!! Kay Kay had her class party, so the hubby and I decide to go. She is having such a good day, then we all go out to lunch. We proceed home where we attempt to put her down for a nap. She is very tired, so we are hoping she will go right to sleep. One can hope right? Well I go lay down and she is still talking to herself. Well I kinda drift in and out of sleep, when I hear my hubby come lay down too. After another 45 min. she is STILL talking to herself. So I told said husband to go regulate on her. The next thing I hear is, "KAY KAY, WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!" Then I hear some discipline actions being taken followed by screaming. I jump up and run in there and see a sight I never thought I would see again. Kay Kay has decided to yet again, take off her poopy diaper and paint the walls with it, including everything else in her crib. We could not believe it. WHY GOD WHY?! What the hell is wrong with her? Why in the world would she want to play with poop?? What demon child is this?? What we really don't understand is that she has always been such a sweet and gentle kid. Then this side emerged. So here is my question: Has anyone else dealt with this? Please let me know, I have to know if I am not alone in this battle. I need any advice you can give as well. I am getting ready to potty train her because she is SO ready anyhow, but this is just ridiculous! So please give me all your horrible potty stories, no matter how grotesque. Trust me, after today I can handle it!!


Fergy said...

I can remember those days of poop everywhere..and honestly, I can't remember what I did except just clean it up..I think not long after the potty training went in full force b/c I think that's a sign that they are ready..