Sunday, October 05, 2008

Mama G who??

Yes, I'm seriously. I'm right here...I know, I know... I have been away for a while. It's been a little crazy around here since the hurricane hit. We have had tons of branch debris just sitting in front of our house...which really sucks. We have slowly gotten back into our routine, so it is very weird to look outside and still see remnants of the destruction. But luckily today, a nice big 18 wheeler came through the neighborhood and picked up everything! What a relief!

On a completely different note, one of the kids in our class had his last day on Friday. He went to be at another school that was better suited for their family, and it was just really sad. We had this little guy's older brother 2 yrs. ago, and we just loved their family. We will miss them so much! It is really hard when the kiddos leave at the end of the year too, because you know some of them won't be coming back. That is really the one downside of being a teacher... you just get so close with these kids and their families for 9 months, and then they are either gone, or on to another classroom. Luckily though, a good amount of parents keep their kids at our school, so we do get to see them again. This one just really hit me hard because we did have 2 of the kids and we really liked the family.

On yet another note.... I haven't been feeling too well lately. The stuff that this hurricane kicked up in the air has done a number on my allergies. Then a lovely stomach bug has been making the rounds at our school and of course I have caught a little of it. The only good thing is that I am not catching nearly as much as I had the first 2 yrs. at school. Man alive, when you immerse yourself in all the kiddie germs, it is horrible! You catch every little sniffle and runny nose... but after a while, you finally build up some immunity to it! Thank goodness!!
Well I have a Dr.'s appointment on Wed. to check my thyroid levels again. I really don't think the medicine is working... I think I need a higher dosage, so hopefully that will get straightened out then. Anyway, that's about it over here! Hope you all have a great week!