Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some more Top 10 Fun!

Makayla has done some pretty cute things lately that I thought deserved another Top 10 List! Enjoy!

1. It could be a horrible day where she acts crazy and runs around and never listens, but after bath time when it's time to settle down for bed, she will get all quiet and snuggle right up to me and we cuddle together. This is absolutely the BEST feeling ever.

2. The way she just makes up random phrases. This week it has been, "Mommy, are you ready to rock?!" Ha! Love it!

3. When she gets excited about dressing up in a pretty outfit.

4. The way she's awesome.

5. When she sees that I have a "boo-boo", she loves to kiss it and try and make it all better.

6. The fact that she loves to be in the kitchen and helps me cook.

7. She is an outdoor girl. She loves to be outside, playing with sticks. I did too as a child.

8. Our youngest cat has finally warmed up to her, and she loves this! They now cuddle together and he sometimes seeks her out for a nice rub down the back!

9. When I come home the days she is not at school, she usually runs to me and gives me the biggest hug!

10. When she gets excited over the least little thing, like bubbles. It's adorable.


Donnetta said...

I love the night snuggles and snuggles first thing in the morning. Precious!

margaret said...

hi Sharon! love your blog- I am Kirsten's mother- live in Virginia and come visit 3-4 times a year- your daughter is soo cute! be looking for a package for Kirsten and Sawyer- my sister-in-law sent in by mail due to arrive tues or wed not knowing Kirsten, Rob and Sawyer had moved out temporarily! thanks!! hope to see all of you in April when I come back to visit!! margaret