Friday, March 20, 2009

Over the hump..

Wow, that sounded a little dirty! I am really talking about the battle of the big girl bed! But I am happy to report, it is a battle no more! Whohoo! Pretty much since Tuesday night, we have had no problems! Of course, several of those days were no nap days.. so we did cheat a little... but hey, what ever works right?! She has been so great about this, I am just so excited! We certainly got off to a rocky start, but we're finally on solid ground! Now if we can get this potty thing under control, we'd be all set! She has been doing great on that aspect as well though.

She pees in the potty just fine... we just can't seem to get the #2 to cooperate. This has been frustrating for me because she used to go like clockwork. So for most of the week, I have had her completely pant less and she just goes when she needs to. I kept thinking, the minute she feels the poop, she would run and sit down. But her schedule has gotten messed up and now she poops at completely random times. Twice this week, she didn't go at all! I just thought without the pants, it would be easier, and it certainly has been with the pee part. Oh well, we will just keep trying! I just can't put her in her big girl underwear yet, because it would be an absolute mess. Oh well.. practice makes perfect right?

Well, on to a more fun topic! (I can hear a big collective sigh of relief...!)
So on Wednesday, I decided to take Makayla to the Rodeo! Tickets were cheap and it was a gorgeous day, and poor Makayla was getting cabin fever from staying in for several days trying to potty train. We had a blast! Makayla LOVED seeing all the animals! I will include some pictures for your visual enjoyment!

At the petting zoo! She was talking to the goat!

At the petting zoo! She finally got up the nerve to pet him!

She loved watching those piglets with their momma!

She thought the deer was "so beautiful"!

She was very intrigued by the hogs too!

Her FIRST Pony Ride!! Yeah! She was waving at Mommy!

She just loved seeing everything!

And this was the end result! Makayla passed out about 5 min. into the car ride home!


Donnetta said...

Apparently the rodeo did her in!!
Looks like she had a blast!

Patience, Momma. Sooner or later, all the potty drama will work itself out!