Friday, April 17, 2009

Give a little.. take a lot

Ok, I am about to scream. I went to my Dr. this morning and I am just SO frustrated. Basically what has happened is that since he takes blood EVERY month to check my thyroid levels, my insurance only pays a small part of the blood work bill and I have to pay the rest. Well in Jan. I went to my Dr. and they informed me that I had some HUGE balance due. Yeah, $1100 worth! It was from all the blood work from Aug. 08 to Dec. 08 and they just decided to tell me about it! UGH! So I have been on a payment plan with them paying off a little each month. Well, I go in this morning because of course, my Dr. wanted me to fast last night and he was going to be doing some blood work this morning. I get in there and the receptionist is like, oh, you know you have a big balance right? I was like, yeah, I am paying that off each month. She says, No, something else just came through and it's like $900!!! I was like, what?!?! She says the billing lady wants to talk to you. Double UGH. So I go talk to Sandy (billing lady) and she is like- well because you are already on a payment plan for the other balance, I can't add this new amount to that. So I asked what my options are and she says, well I can't allow you to see the Dr. again until this $900 is paid off!!!! I was about to explode right there. So basically I told her that I taught summer school and it pays pretty well and that I could pay it off in June, but not before then. So she says, well, I will let you see the Dr. today, but then you can't come back until you pay that off. UUUGGGHHHHH. So I paid a little on the balance today and then I told the Dr. everything that was going on. I told him exactly what Sandy had told me and he was like, "But if your levels still aren't straight, you really need to come back and see me." And I was like, well Sandy won't allow me to. And the Dr. responds with, Well, I would hate if you had to start seeing another Dr. WHAT? So now they are just gonna drop me after all this??? I am so MAD!! Basically we left it that he will let me know what all my blood work reveals next week and we will go from there. If the levels seem ok, then he will just wait until June to see me again. Can I just tell you how much I hate all this insurance CRAP?!?!?!?! So freaking ridiculous!!

All I am trying to do is get myself healthy, but of course the politics of it all gets in the way. What in the world is the point of health insurance if when you use it, they make it so expensive that people can't even go to the Dr. to fix themselves?! Ok, I will stop now. If you need me, I'll be drowning my sorrows....


Donnetta said...

That is absurd!!!! I'm sorry! It sucks to be TRYING to get better and then dealin the the monetary aspects too!!

margaret said...

Sharon: I share your pain- I would totally look for a new Dr. - this one sounds like an insensitive jerk- that is so much money- what if he pisses off everyone then he has no more patients- some of these Drs are too big for their britches- I say switch- it doesn't souond like he has fixed the problem so what do you have to lose??? that is just my opinion so take it for what it is worth- I have terrible insurance so don't go for mammograms or regular ob-gyn visits the way I should- who can afford it?? crazy- ask around- I hope you can get some satisfaction- do some research on the internet !! good luck- I used to take Tyroid medicine and one Dr. took me off of it when I was pregnant- then my regular internist retired and after that I could not get any Dr. to give me the medicine- then I started gaining weight big time- it is a racket- good luck!!!