Saturday, December 05, 2009

Headaches and Hunger...

Well for the last several weeks, I have started to get frequent headaches. Sometimes they are dull, not that bothersome ones, but others are sharp and just really annoying. They would come at random times and I never knew what was causing them exactly, so I would just take some Tylenol and hope they would go away fast. But then I started getting them as frequent as 3-4 times a week. I had a Dr.'s appointment and told her about this, but she said it was probably the weather. But earlier this week, I was asleep in my nice warm bed when a really bad headache struck in the middle of the night! I couldn't believe it! I mean, I was asleep, relaxed and it's the middle of the night! I took medicine, but it lasted well into the next morning. Then tonight, I had eaten a small meal early (around 5:30) and 3 hours later, I started to feel hungry again. Then a headache started coming on again. Now I am wondering, could low blood sugar be the problem?? I have another Dr.'s appointment in a couple of weeks and that's when I will have my gestational diabetes test. It will be interesting to see if I have it, but I will definitely be asking my Dr. about this new development. Again, this pregnancy has proven to be a complete 180 from my pregnancy with Makayla. It's like Jackson is trying to say, "HEY, I'm gonna be different in every way possible!!!" Little stinker!
Well, that's it for now.. guess I'm off to eat a small snack and see if that helps with the headache!